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Vollmondlicht (Tillmann, 2007)
Welcome to the website of Hemerocallis Europa e.V.

The decision was taken to dissolve Hemerocallis Europa in 2017, because unfortunately there have not been enough active members in the club in recent years to help with club activities. Therefore there has been no annual meeting for a few years, which has led to the decision to dissolve HE. Thus this HE website disappears from www.Hemerocallis-Europa.eu , but for some time it will be hosted on the "Hemerocallis Species" website at the following address:

www.hemerocallis-species.com/HE/index.html (Hemerocallis Europa hosted on the "Hemerocallis Species" website)

With the exception of the above mostly yellow text, this is the original HE website (but some additional registered varieties may be added to the breeders webpages in the future).

Hemerocallis Europa e.V. (=HE) is the international European Daylily society but also members from other continents are welcome to join.

HE is a non-profit organisation which has as goals to:
  • make the daylilies more known in whole Europe
  • support European daylily hybridizers in officially registering their seedlings
  • organize meetings, presentations, education, visits, exhibitions, evaluations of cultivars and seedlings with marks and awards, establishing international collections, evaluation gardens and display gardens, formation of regional groups and the printing of regular publications

The fact that more and more daylilies are hybridized in Europa is underlined by the enclosed figures.
>2'000 AHS-registered daylilies hybridized in Europe
>1'000 of which are registered since the year 2000
624 of them are pictured at the HE-Website in section Galleries --> by hybridizer
480 of them are pictured and registered since the year 2000
86 European hybridizer
48 European hybridizer of them with registrations since the year 2000
38 European hybridizer of them with first registrations since the year 2000

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