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Juerg PLODECK - Registered Daylilies 

Country, Place: Switzerland, Basel
USDA zone: 7
Hybridizing since: 2000
first registration in: 2009
most recent registration in: 2009
number of registered daylilies: 3
special goals: spiders, unusual forms
other info:  
Hybridizer website: Hemerocallis Species Website (Engl.)
( http://www.hemerocallis-species.com )
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Cultivar Name Ploidy Reg.
SHANGHAI BEAUTY dip 2009 Height: 41" (105cm)
Diameter: 7.75" (19.5cm)
Season: Mid season
Time: diurnal
Branches: 2 / Buds: 16
Colour: bicolor ruby-red / orange-reddish with a bit darker band above olive-yellow throat
Winter: dormant/deciduous
Parents (Pod): FERRIS WHEEL
     "     (Pollen): SPINDAZZLE
other info: spider 4:1 ; unusual form: Casacade
SHANGHAI GIRL dip 2009 Height: 29.5" (75cm)
Diameter: 5.25" (13.5cm)
Season: Mid season
Time: diurnal
Branches: 4 / Buds: 24
Colour: bitone peach-rose / apricot-yellow with peach rose touch with bordeau-red band and near white petal-midrib above yellow-green throat
Winter: evergreen
Parents (Pod): MARKED BY LYDIA
     "     (Pollen): JEAN
other info: spider 4.1:1 ; unusual form: Casacade
SHANGHAI LADY dip 2009 Height: 25.5" (65cm)
Diameter: 5.3" (13.5cm)
Season: Mid season
Time: diurnal
Branches: 2 / Buds: 11
Colour: rose to pale brown-red with dark purple eyezone above yellow-olive throat
Winter: dormant/deciduous
Parents (Pod): MARKED BY LYDIA
     "     (Pollen): CRIMSON PIRATE
other info: spider 4:1

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