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Registered Newer Daylilies
(made in Europe)

Berlin Lavender (Tamberg, 1983)
In this section you can see all newer registered daylilies hybridized in Europe for which a picture is available on the HE website.
It is split by year, ploidy (diploid, tetraploid) and flower type (standard, special).
As non-standard i.e. special daylily cultivars are classified all those daylilies in here, that meet one of the following criterias:
  • double flowering,
  • spiders (i.e. thin petals with a width to length ratio of 1:4 or more),
  • UFs (i.e. unusual forms),
  • polytepals, i.e. flowers have more than 6 tepales (without being double, and/or without filaments or style reverted back to tepals)
All other daylily cultivars are classified as standard or normal daylilies.

category combinations
dip standard dip special tet standard tet special

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