Hemerocallis F1 Hybrids

F1-hybrids are crosses between two species.
Species hybrids are crosses between at least one species and either another species or hybrid.
Crosses between a species and a hybrid or between two hybrids are not treated here as F1 hybrids.
In the earlier times of Hemerocallis hybridization, the F1 hybrids were introduced into trade with a specific name and therefore they are also represented in the official AHS checklist of Hemerocallis registered names. Since several decades it is no longer enough to give a name to a hybrid and to introduce it, it is also necessary to register it with the AHS (= American Hemerocallis Society) as this is the only official Hemerocallis registration office. Therefore one has to distinguish between the registered F1-hybrids (with official name) and the unregistered F1-hybrids (normally having no name, or at least not officially registered).
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