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Welcome to the Hemerocallis Species website !

There is a similar website for Paeonia Species

These web pages are almost solely dedicated to the Hemerocallis species, its varieties and its clones/forms. They were produced with some help of the "A.B.Stout e-Mail Round Robins of the AHS" (AHS = American Hemerocallis Society; see Hemerocallis Society www-Links).

As Hemerocallis Europa (HE) dissolved in summer 2017, the old HE-Website is hosted here now.
The HE-Website will still be updated concerning the in Europe bred cultivars, if you send me the necessary photos and infos.
In addition the Excelfile with the European hybridizers and cultivars will be updated from time to time.

This website is structured into the following sections:

All comments for improvements, corrections and completion of these web pages are welcome.

The authors started to build up a Hemerocallis Species Collection (only species, no hybrids/breedings). The goal of this collection is not only to preserve the daylily species, varieties, forms and clones but also to make them available to the interested people, organizations and botanical gardens. Therefore we are thankful for every Hemerocallis species (the more information delivered with the plants the better, like e.g. infos about its wild origin and/or former owners, perhaps to whom it was already given, own plant number, since when it is in possession and your own home address and if available e-mail address). If desired the shipment costs will be reimbursed in case it was correspondingly mentioned. Besides the authors plan to do some scientific studies as soon as they have enough Hemerocallis species. As already mentioned above they are also willing to give away Hemerocallis species as soon as they are big enough. Because the authors have also some contacts to China and have from there already bought and received/exchanged plants, it may be also interesting for botanical gardens and already existing Hemerocallis collections to make contact with the authors for exchanging plants (even if perhaps in the first few years they can not deliver as much as they may receive).

Thank you very much and a lot of informations from these web pages is wished by:

Dr. Juerg Plodeck & Dr. Jianping Zhuang Plodeck
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