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Explanation of Latin Terms/Abbreviations
Abbr. Latin Expression Explanation
n.comb. nova combinatio new combination (allocating a species to another genus or species)
n.cv. nova cultivarietas new cultivar
n.form. nova forma new form
n.hybr. nova hybrida new hybrid
n.sp. nova species new species
n.var. nova varietas new variety
nom.illeg. nomen illegitimum name is illegitimate, i.e. does not stick to the rules
nom.inval. nomen invalidum invalid name (there is already an older valid name for this species)
nom.nud. nomina nuda just a new name without any description (not enough information)

New Literature about Hemerocallis Species since 1980
Year Author Literature Species
2000 Tomkins, J.P. et Wood, T.C. et Barnes, L.S. et Westman, A. et Wing, R.A. Evaluation of genetic variation in daylily (Hemerocallis spp.) using AFLP markers (Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Vol. 102(4), S.489-496)
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(relationship between different species using DNA fingerprinting)
2000 Petit, T.L. et Peat, J.P. The Color Encyclopedia of Daylilies (book, ISBN 0-88192-488-1) (short description of some species)
1999 Grosvenor, G. Daylilies for the Garden (book, ISBN 0-86417-869-7) (short description of some species)
1998 Grenfell, D. A Gardener's Guide to Growing Daylilies (book, ISBN 0-88192-461-X) (species overview)
1997 Kang, S.S. et Chung, M.G. Systematic Botany, vol.22(#3), p.427-431 H. taeanensis (sp.nov.)
1997 Kang, S.S. et Chung, M.G. Journal of Plant Research, vol.110, p.209-217 ()
1996 Kong, H. et Wang, C.R. Guihaia, vol.16(#4), p.303-304, f.1 H. fulva var. oppositibracteata (sp.nov.)
1994 Chung, M.G. et Kang, S.S. Novon, vol.4(#2), p.94, f.1a-e H. hongdoensis (sp.nov.)
1994 Chung, M.G. et Kang, S.S. Journal of Plant Research, vol.107, p.165-175 ()
1994 Chung, M.G. et Kang, S.S. Sida, vol.16, p.23-31 ()
1993 Xiong, Z.T. Bulletin of Botanical Research, vol.13(#2), p.122-123, f. H. middendorffii var. longibracteata (sp.nov.)
1992 Erhardt, W. Hemerocallis Daylilies (book, ISBN 0-88192-259-5) (species overview)
1990 Munson, R.W. jr. Hemerocallis, The Daylily (book, ISBN 0-88192-240-4) (species overview)
1988 Apps, D. et Batdorf, L. The Daylily Journal, vol.43(#1), p.11 (korean species)
1986 Hotta, M. Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica, vol.37, p.17-21 ()
1986 Noguchi, J. J. Sci. Hiroshima Univ., Ser. B, Div.2 (Botany), vol.20, p.29-193 (H. dumortieri complex)
1985 Hotta, M., Ito, M. et Okada, I. Origin and Evolution of Diversity in Plants and Plant Communities (book), p.18-31 ()
1985 Kitchingham, R.M. The Plantsman, vol.7, part 2, p.68 (species and cultivars)
1985 Kitchingham, R.M. British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society Bulletin, vol.1(#3), p.29 (species survey)
1983 Kitchingham, R.M. British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society Bulletin, vol.1(#1), p.28 (species survey)
1983 Yokouchi ex Shimizu New Alpine Flora of Japan, vol.2, p.359 H. esculenta f. violacea (comb.nov.)

Self-written articles about Hemerocallis Species
Year Literature Title
1998/99 Hemerocallis Yearbook (of Hemerocallis Europa), no. 6, 1998/99, p. 42-56 Journey to the Daylily Land - China
2002 Hemerocallis Letter (of Hemerocallis Europa), vol. 8 #3+4, Sept.-Dec. 2002, p. 22-28 + 38 (colour picture page) The Origin of the Daylily Cultivar Traits
2005 Hemerocallis Letter (of Hemerocallis Europa), vol. 11 #2, April-June 2005, p. 6-19 (incl. colour picture page) Hemerocallis Species Fruits
2016 Bulletin 2016 (of The British HOSTA and HEMEROCALLIS Society), p. 34-53 (incl. colour picture pages) Hemerocallis Species Evolution

John Schabell's articles "Looking at the Species" in "The Hemerocallis Journal"
Part Year Volume Page Title Species
1 1990 45(#2) p.159-160 The Ancestor  
2 1990 45(#3) p.282-284 The Species over Time and Space  
3 1990 45(#4) p.348-353 The Daylily: 5000 years of glory  
4 1991 46(#1) p.42-44 The Historical Species: H. fulva - the complex, complex H. fulva
5 1991 46(#2) p.163-165 The Historical Species: H. fulva - The Three Sisters, Rosea H. fulva var. rosea
H. fulva var. rosea 'Pastelrose'
H. fulva var. rosea 'Rosalind'
H. fulva var. rosea (Mrs Nesmith clone)
6 1991 46(#3) p.239-243 The Historical Species: H. fulva - The Doubles H. fulva 'Flore Pleno'
H. fulva 'Kwanzo'
H. fulva 'Kwanzo Variegata'
7 1991 46(#4) p.388-392 The Historical Species: H. fulva - The lesser-known Variants H. fulva 'Chengtu'
H. fulva 'Cypriani'
H. fulva 'Hankow'
H. fulva 'Hupehensis'
H. fulva var. angustifolia
H. fulva var. disticha
H. fulva var. littorea
H. fulva var. longituba
H. fulva var. maculata
H. fulva var. pauciflora
H. fulva var. sempervirens
8 1992 47(#2) p.168-170 The Historical Species: H. citrina H. citrina
9 1992 47(#3) p.283-286 The Historical Species: H. dumortierii H. dumortieri
10 1993 48(#1) p.59-61 The Historical Species: H. middendorffii H. middendorffii
11 1993 48(#2) p.174-177 The Historical Species: H. lilioasphodelus H. lilioasphodelus
12 1993 48(#3) p.300-303 The Historical Species: H. thunbergii H. thunbergii
13 1994 49(#1) p.96-101 Hemerocallis Aurantiaca - The "Unspecies" H. aurantiaca
14 1994 49(#2) p.224-228 Hemerocallis Aurantiaca Major - The "Unspecies" H. aurantiaca 'Major'
15 1994 49(#3) p.310-317 The Historical Species H. altissima
H. minor
H. multiflora
16 1994 49(#4) p.387-391 The Historical Species H. darrowiana
H. exaltata
H. forrestii
H. nana
H. plicata
H. tazaifu

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