General Literature List for Hemerocallis Species

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The "General Literature List for Hemerocallis Species" below contains only literature references about Hemerocallis species in which there are no new species names (like e.g. overview or research on known species); i.e. it does not list literature in which a Hemerocallis species name is used for the first time. It only lists literature references about daylily species, its variation and geographical distribution, but does not include literature references about plant propagation, genetic or sterility studies, using the plants as food or drugs, chemical or pharmaceutical studies. If all these references would have been also included, the list would have been at least double as long and it would be more difficult to pick out the ones which are really of interest for Hemerocallis Species freaks.
Author (Year) Literature (incl. title)
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part 13, 1994, vol.49(#1), p.96-101, The Historical Species: H. aurantiaca
part 14, 1994, vol.49(#2), p.224-228, The Historical Species: H. aurantiaca 'Major'
part 15, 1994, vol.49(#3), p.310-317, The Historical Species (altissima, minor, multiflora)
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"Hemerocallis minor" (plate 458)
"Hemerocallis thunbergii" (plate 459)
"Hemerocallis fulva clone Maculata" (plate 460)
"Hemerocallis aurantiaca" (plate 461)
"Hemerocallis dumortierii" (plate 462)
"Hemerocallis middendorffii" (plate 463)
"Hemerocallis multiflora Stout sp. nov." (plate 464)
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"Hemerocallis clone Luteola" (plate 485)
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