German Common Names for Hemerocallis Species

The list below is alphabetically ordered based on the German Common Name.
German Name Author Year Translation/Explanation Species
Amurtaglilie Erhardt 1988 Amur Daylily H. middendorffii
Braune Taglilie Erhardt 1988 brown daylily H. fulva
Dufttaglilie Erhardt 1988 scent daylily H. citrina
Dumortieris Taglilie Erhardt 1988 Dumortier's daylily H. dumortieri
Forrests Taglilie Erhardt 1988 Forrest's daylily H. forrestii
Frühe Wiesentaglilie     early meadow daylily H. lilioasphodelus
Gelbe Taglilie Erhardt 1988 yellow daylily H. lilioasphodelus
Hohe Taglilie Erhardt 1988 tall daylily H. altissima
Kleine Taglilie Erhardt 1988 small daylily H. minor
Koreanische Taglilie Erhardt 1988 corean daylily H. coreana
Küstentaglilie     coastal daylily H. fulva var. littorea
Middendorffs Taglilie     Middendorff's daylily H. middendorffii
Orangegelbe Taglilie Erhardt 1988 orange yellow daylily H. aurantiaca
Orangegelbe Zwergtaglilie Erhardt 1988 orange yellow dwarf daylily H. dumortieri
Späte Wiesentaglilie     late meadow daylily H. thunbergii
Sterntaglilie     star daylily H. minor
Thunbergs Taglilie Erhardt 1988 Thunberg's daylily H. thunbergii
Vielblütige Taglilie Erhardt 1988 many flowering daylily H. multiflora
Zitronentaglilie     citron daylily H. citrina
Zwergtaglilie Erhardt 1988 dwarf daylily H. nana

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