Hemerocallis Species Names Explanation

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Name Explanation
alba white, rather dull white
albo-marginata white margined
altissima very tall
angustifolia narrow-leaved
Asphodelus asphodel
aurantiaca orange
aurea golden yellow
baroni Baroni, Eugenio (1865-1943)
Italian botanist
chengtu in Chengtu (China) collected
chinensis coming from China
citrina lemon yellow
coerulea blue
cordata cordate
cordifolia cordate-leaved
coreana coming from Korea
crocea saffron yellow, cadmium yellow
cucullata hooded
cypriani Cypriani, (18..-19..)
padres, missionary in Hupeh
darrowiana Darrow, George M. (2.Feb.1889 - 9.June 1983)
plant physiologist and horticulturist
disticha distichous, arranged in 2 opposite rows
dumortieri Dumortier, Barthelemy Charles Joseph (3.Aril 1797 - 9.July 1878)
Belgian botanist; born at Tournai; died in Tournai
esculenta edible
europa in Europe already early widespread and wild
exaltata raised high, lofty
exilis small, meagre, week, thin, slender
flava yellow, paler than "luteus"
flore pleno with a double flower
flore ploeno = "flore pleno" (typo)
forma variegata variegated form
forma violacea violet form
forrestii Forrest, George F. (13.March 1873 - 5/6.Jan.1932)
English botanist; born in Falkirk, Stirlingshire; died in Tengchung, China
fulva tawny, yellowish-brown
gracilis thin, slender
graminea grassy, grass-like
graminifolia grass-leaved
hakuunensis type species collected at the mountain Hakuunzan
hankow in Hankow (Hupeh, China) collected
Hemerocallis beauty for one day
hippeastroides Amaryllis-like
hongdoensis named after the type locality Hong Do island
hupehensis in Hupeh (China) collected
japonica coming from Japan
lancifolia with lanceolate leaves
liliastrum lily-like
liliflorus lily-flowering
lilioasphodelus lily-asphodel (gr. "lirio" = lat. "lilio")
lirioasphodelus lily-asphodel (gr. "lirio" = lat. "lilio")
littorea (litorea) pertaining to the sea-shore
longibracteata with long bracts
longituba long tube
lutea deep yellow, golden-yellow,
deeper than "flavus"
luteola pale yellow, yellowish
luteus deep yellow, golden-yellow,
deeper than "flavus"
maculata spotted, blotched
major greater
Margaret Perry  
micrantha small-flowered
middendorffiana belonging to H. middendorffii
middendorffii Middendorff, Alexander Theodor von (18.Aug.1815 - 28.Jan.1894)
Russian botanist, zoologist and Asia explorer, born in St. Petersburg, died in Hellenorm (Livonia in Latvia)
minor smaller, inferior, lesser
mucrensis typo for nocerensis
muelleri Mueller, Willy (18..-19..)
nephew of Charles Sprenger
multiflora abounding in flowers
nana dwarf
nocerensis city Nocera Inferiore close to Salerno (Italy)
nucerensis typo for nocerensis
ochroleuca yellowish white, pale yellow, fallow
oppositibracteata with opposite bracts
partenope old name for Naples (gr. Parthenope)
pauciflora few-flowered
pedicellata pedicelled, provided with a pedicel
phoeniceus bright red, scarlet
plantaginea plantain-like
plicata folded into pleats or furrows
pumila dwarf, close-growing, short
rosea rose
rutilans red with yellow admixture,
rutilens see rutilans
sempervirens evergreen
sendaica probably derived from the Japanese town Sendai in the prefecture Miyagi
serotina late-coming, late to leaf or flower
sieboldiana belonging to species "sieboldii"
sieboldii Siebold, Franz Philipp von (1796-1866)
German botanical Japan researcher
speciosa showy, splendid
sulphurea sulphur yellow
taeanensis found at Taean, peninsula in the province Chungchongnam-Do, west coast of Corea
tazaifu found at Tazaifu, province Kyushu, Japan
theron Major Theron Roundell Strong
thunbergii Thunberg, Carl Peter (11.Nov.1743 - 8.Aug.1822)
Swedish doctor, botanist & traveller
undulata undulate
variegata variegated
vespertina belonging to the evening
vomerense Vomero, highest mountain in the surroundings of Naples
washingtonia Washington, George (1732-1799)
president of the USA 1789-1797
yezoensis found in Yezo, province Kitami, Japan

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