Juerg Plodeck

short Curriculum Vitae
  • born in 1959 in Basel, Switzerland
  • studied natural science at the ETH-Zürich (= Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule, Polytechnic School) between autumn 1979 and autumn 1983, finished with diploma as Dipl. Nat. ETH
  • worked on the doctoral thesis in behavioural science at the ETH-Zürich (= Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule, Polytechnic School) until autumn 1987, finished with doctorate as Dr. Nat. ETH
  • began an 1-year training as systems engineer at IBM in March 1988
  • since March 1989 working for Sandoz (merged with Ciba-Geigy to Novartis, and then spin-off the crop-protection part and merged with crop-protection part of Astra Zeneca to Syngenta) as database information scientist in sector Crop Protection; meanwhile working as Service Delivery Manager (with ITIL v3 Manager certificate)
  • married with Jianping Zhuang (from Shanghai, China) since the 8th August 1997
    (she came 1987 to Switzerland with a UN scholarship and made a diploma at the University of Basel as chemist with subsequent doctorate in biochemistry; then working as biochemist at the university of Berne and after a post-diplom study on intellectual property she is now working for Roche as patent attorney;
    besides she was an excellent help on the trip to China in May/June 1998 to get to some daylily species)
  • daylily species (building up an European Hemerocallis species collection)
  • gardening in Alsace with pond and daylilies
  • observe plants and animals
  • photographing (especially plants, animals, landscapes)
  • computer & programming (especially databases, websites)
  • collecting and watching Disney videos (that is still the second childhood)
  • buying and reading good plant books and -literature (small own library)
  • walking in the beautiful nature and mountainous region

Jianping Zhuang & Jürg Plodeck
(photographed by: Margrit Plodeck [Juerg's mother], 21.Dec.1996)

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