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Un-Registered European Daylilies 

Amethyst Jewel (Jasinski, 2002)
Currently we have not started to collect pictures and information of the unregistered European seedlings, therefore this page does not show any seedlings.

In order to keep the lists to a reasonable size and to allow finding some special interests faster, the seedlings are grouped into several sections; also within these sections, the seedlings will only be shown for a limited amount of years to keep this up-to-date.

Please note:
Only if the HE web admin gets the appropriate information and picture, it will be listed and shown on the HE webpage. Therefore the following lists show only a small number of European seedlings.

  Unregistered Seedlings
  past 2 years not older than 4 years
Category diploid tetraploid diploid tetraploid
  Spiders - - - -
  Unusual Forms - - - -
  Doubles - - - -
  Polytepals - - - -
  others - - - -

In order to see the registered European cultivars please use one of the following links:
  • Registered European Daylilies
  • European Hybridizer with its Registered Daylilies

  • A rather complete list of European hybridizer and its cultivars can be found in the attached Excelfile (approx. 500 KB in size; the last 1-2 years are still incomplete).

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