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Hybridizers - Registered Daylilies 

Kupferteller (Tillmann, 2007)
Below listed are Registered European daylilies per hybridizer (check also the hybridizer's website listed in the "European Daylily Links"):
A rather complete list of European hybridizer and its cultivars can be found in the attached Excelfile (approx. 2.8 MB in size; the last 1-2 years are still incomplete).

There are certainly more European hybridizers and more registered European daylilies, but as HE does not have pictures of these daylilies, they are not listed here. If you have pictures of registered European daylilies (even of European hybridizers not listed so far on this webpage) please send an e-mail to the HE webmaster jplodeck@yahoo.de with the pictures and the name of the daylilies (if these daylilies are registered within the last 1-2 years, please send also the description of the daylilies).
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